Frequently Asked Questions

The Learning Tree ABA Therapy Center cares about you and your family. We're here to answer any questions and provide you with peace of mind. If you have any questions not answered here, please Contact Us and we'd be happy to help!

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is a client-centered approach of intervention based upon the relationship between the individual and their environment. This form of science includes general “laws” about how behavior works and how learning takes place. ABA follows the idea that successful learning occurs because of a person’s interaction with their environment (pleasant or unpleasant). The outcomes of our behavior in different environments are what help to shape our future behaviors. By having a strong understanding of how our environment impacts behavior, ABA works by manipulating or “changing” the environment to change behavior and increase learning opportunities.

ABA is a scientific, research-driven, evidence-based, and proven most effective treatment method for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). To be considered “evidence-based” means that the school of thought has passed rigorous scientific tests of its quality, usefulness, and effectiveness. Its fundamentals can be used to treat a wide variety of challenging behavior and create a nurturing environment for acquiring new skills, such as language, social and group skills, play skills, and daily living skills.

The amount of therapy and level of parent involvement in your child’s ABA program will vary according to his or her specific needs. Whether clinic based or in-home, the road to your child’s success will be a collaborative effort between the Learning Tree ABA therapy team and your family.

Where can I find grants and scholarships?

After receiving a developmental diagnosis of any kind, it can be extremely stressful for children as well as their families. In addition, prioritizing next steps and navigating community resources can present other unique challenges. The Learning Tree ABA would like to assist in providing potential financial resources for ABA services. Financial assistance may not be available to all the families, but we encourage all families to be aware of the options available.The resources provided does not represent an endorsement by The Learning Tree ABA.

What is your intake process?

  • Prospective Client Questionnaire 
  • New Client Intake Packet
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Assessment Authorization Request 
  • Parent Interview & Child Assessment 
  • Structured Home Observation 
  • Feedback Meeting & Scheduling 
  • Service Authorization Request 
  • Start Services

Which insurance companies are accepted?

We accept the following insurance companies:
- Aetna
- Anthem
- Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Community Health Choice
- Cigna
- ChampVa
- Magellan
- Medicaid
- Sana Benefits
- Superior Health Plan
- Private Pay
- Humana Military (Tricare)
- Molina Healthcare


The Learning Tree is a Houston-based learning center for preschool aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Using proven applied behavior analysis therapy, we teach children the social skills they need to integrate into the public school system and reach all new potential.

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